Sow wildflowers at Beach House Park

02 May 2018 at Beach House Park

Adur and Worthing are sowing wildflowers this spring

This public event called 'Where the Wild Flowers Grow' is designed to sow wildflowers that add a splash of colour to the community. The event will run with support from Adur and Worthing Councils Parks Department. Participants will meet on the south terrace at Beach House Park, by the bowling greens. The event will finish around 12pm, once both designated sites have been seeded.

As well as planting the traditional flanders poppies, the parks department will be sowing seed mixes that provide rich nectar sources for our pollinating bees and other insects whilst producing vibrant colour displays. Seeds wll include: borage, cosmos, cornflower, flax, marigold, and many others.

On selected sites, residents will be able to help with the whole process, from planting seeds, to tending and weeding the sites as the flowers begin to grow.


Contact: Adur and Worthing Councils

Phone: 01903 221067



  • Beach House Park
  • Lyndhurst Road
  • Worthing
  • BN112DB

Opening times

  • 02 May 10:00 AM - 02 May 12:00 PM